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MORE THAN A PAINT COUNTER… We’ve raised the bar on color! Wouldn’t you like to shop for paint color, not cans? We’ve been busy upgrading our paint department to better […]

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Ways to Keep Mosquitos Out of Your Backyard Mosquitos are just one of those things that can make being outside miserable. We all know that feeling of trying to enjoy […]

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Ways to Keep Mosquitos Out of Your Backyard

Candles on Patio Table

Mosquitos are just one of those things that can make being outside miserable. We all know that feeling of trying to enjoy a sunset drink in the backyard, sit through a BBQ, or spend some time outside with the kids when along comes a buzz and a pinch. Before you know, any exposed skin is speckled with bites and starting to itch. Mosquitos can ruin a perfectly good summer when they see your body as an all-you-can-eat buffet. While you can keep mosquitos off you by using bug sprays that generally work, that doesn’t fix the whole buzzing in your ear experience. Rather than simply relying on bug spray to keep mosquitos away, it’s best to keep mosquitos out of your backyard in the first place. Here are some of the best ways to keep the bugs out for good.

Citronella Candles

Citronella candles

Citronella is a natural oil that repels many insects, including mosquitos. Having a generous amount of citronella scented candles in your backyard can help repel even the most determined of mosquitos. When sitting in the backyard light up your citronella candles to be sure that there is a steady release of the citronella oil into the air. The oil and scent help to protect you from mosquitos by covering up the scent that attracts the mosquitos to you in the first place. These candles are great for keeping on and under a table, next to chairs, or near the grill to create an atmosphere that the mosquitos won’t want to enter. Perfect for smaller areas with little wind, such as a cozy backyard or a heavily wooded area.

Water Pellets

Mosquito Pellets and Dunks

Mosquito water pellets are a biological mosquito control that contains Bti, a natural mosquito larvacide. When plopped into water it kills mosquito larvae without harming birds, fish, pets, or other wildlife. Simply plop a mosquito pellet into any standing water to control mosquito proliferation and kill the larvae before they even hatch. One pellet typically lasts for up to 30 days, making it a low effort but high impact method of keeping mosquitos from populating your backyard.

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Transform your outdoor space with patio lights!

Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

Nothing says summer like an outdoor gathering, but what if you want to take your hosting skills up a notch? The answer… patio lights! Whether you know them as patio lights, string lights, or simply outdoor lighting, you’ve definitely heard of this growing trend. It’s growing quickly because patio lights automatically transform an outdoor space and give off a certain ambience that’s sure to make your space envy-worthy.
Before you get started, there are a few things to consider when you hang your lights including:

  • Where to hang patio lights
  • Types of patio lights
  • Patio lights that don’t attract bugs
  • How to hang patio lights

Where to Hang Patio Lights

Couple talking at sunset on a rooftop patio with lights

First, it’s best to decide where you want your patio lights. You’ll want lights in areas that are already dark, and you’ll want to avoid putting lights that break up the flow of traffic throughout your gathering area. In addition, deciding where you want your lights will help you determine the brightness of the bulb. You don’t want your brightest bulbs at eye-level blinding everyone at your party. That will definitely get your guests talking about your outdoor space, but not in the way that you want.
If you remember only one thing about where to position your patio lights, remember this! Low-voltage lights should be positioned lower than two feet above the ground and standard-voltage lights higher than seven feet. Also, try to position lights downward to light up walking areas.

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