Discarded Christmas trees by trash

There’s just something about having a live Christmas tree that seems natural and makes a house feel like the holidays. But at the end of the season, many people unceremoniously toss their tree in the trash to end up in the landfill. What a waste! Many cities do have tree recycling programs, and that is a better option; however there are also other ways you can put your tree to good use after the holidays. Keep reading to find out more.

Tips for Taking Down Your Tree

Before you do anything with your Christmas tree, you need to take it down. You should do this as soon as the season ends. The more your tree dries out, the more flammable it can become and pose a fire risk inside your home. It also sheds needles more when dried out, and can create a constant mess. Remove all ornaments and light strings and store them either in their original packaging, if you still have it, or in marked containers that will keep them organized, making next year’s decorating a little easier.

Cover the tree with a large plastic bag, sheet, or blanket before attempting to move it outside. This will help cut down on the mess pine needles can leave, on the way to the door. Remove the tree from the tree stand and carry the tree outside. Use a bucket to collect unused water from the tree stand and dump the water outside. Then clean out the tree stand with detergent and water, dry it and store it for next year.