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Tips for Storing Lawn and Garden Tools

Garden Tools

How to organize lawn and garden tools

You may notice when you clean out the garage: that you have a lot of lawn and garden tools that have accumulated over the years. You don’t want to throw them out or give any away — who knows when they’ll come in handy! Finding a place to store those tools will cut down on the clutter and leave more room for bicycles, golf clubs, fishing gear, and oh yeah, your car.

Residential Neighborhood

Space and Permits

Depending on the number and size of your tools, you might consider a shed.Aside from the lawnmower, rakes, shovels, weed whackers, edger, and the rest of the garden tools, you might be able to squeeze in a bike or two. However, take a good look at the available space in your yard. The average lot size in Austin, Texas, for example, is 7,350 square feet, while their garages average just 676. Barely enough room to park two cars, let alone store lawn and garden tools. A shed could come in handy, as long as it fits with your landscaping. (It might cut down on the amount of grass you have to mow!)

Keep in mind, some neighborhood homeowner associations (HOAs) have guidelines about what you can build and how large it can be. For example, in Austin, Texas, the rules for residential building permits are very specific.

Contact your local government or HOA to determine what you can and cannot do on your property, and the permits required.

Tool Shed

Building a Shed

You can do it the easy way and buy a premade shed, or let your creative inhibitions run wild and do it yourself. In very simplistic terms, the DIY method includes:

●     Leveling the ground and installing deck piers along a grid.

●     Laying support beams.

●     Attaching the joists.

●     Nail plywood sheets to the joists to make the floor.

●     Build the wall frames and cut out the door.

●    Set the roof rafters.

●     Nail plywood to the roof rafters.

●     Covering the walls.

●     Tar-papering or shingling the roof.

If you’re handy with woodworking tools and want to cut down on labor costs, this DIY project may be worth your time.

If not, check out our parking lot with a selection of sheds from Northwood Industries Inc.

Cottage? Studio? Workshop? Hunting Shack?
Search for your favorite building below.


From Classic Storage Barns to customized Villa Sheds, from Log Gazebos to Outdoor Patio Furniture, from Screened Pavilions to Indoor Hickory Furniture, we have it all! You can browse our items with confidence, knowing that all our products are crafted with quality and pride.

Tackle Boxes

Storage for the Small Stuff

Whether you store your lawn tools in the garage or a shed, they can pile up quickly. Implements such as trowels, weed pullers, pruners, shears, gardening gloves, and spikes will easily fit in specialized containers used for patio furniture cushions and mats. Lawn and garden chemicals, hand sprayers, and weed killers should be stored safely in a lockable container.

Fishing tackle boxes make great storage units for gardening attachments such as nozzles connectors and plugs.

Lawn mower cutting grass

Long-handled Tools

Stop tripping over rakes, brooms, and spades. These long-handled lawn and garden tools will fit into a mount on the garage or storage shed walls. Whether you prefer nails, dowels, or metal hooks, attach a rack someplace where you can reach what you use most. If your shrubbery requires constant clipping, the lopper should be closest to your access point. Provide enough space for each tool so that it’s not falling onto the others. Measure the walls and tools with a measuring tape to determine how much space you need, relative to the size of each piece.

Shelves are handy but if you don’t want to build or attach them to a wall, get a separate metal shelf unit that can fit in the garage or storage shed. Remember, to measure your available storage space before you buy!

Lawn mower cutting grass

Tools with Engines

Lawnmowersleaf blowers, and other tools with gasoline-powered engines should be stored with care as not to damage the engine. For starters, be sure that there is no gasoline left in the tank; otherwise, it will turn into varnish and harm your engine. Either drain the engine or run the engine until it dies. For four-cycle motors, be sure to remove the oil as well, and don’t forget to put oil back in before you use it next. Make sure that the gas cap is on, the carburetor is covered, and the tool is stored in a cool, dry place.


Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall Maintenance Yard

There are many things that need to be done to get ready for harsh winter weather. Leaves need to be raked, so they don’t affect your yard next spring. Gutters need to be cleaned, so they can withstand rain, snow, and ice, and many other outdoor projects come to mind this time of year. Don’t worry! We’ll help you prepare with these seven outdoor projects designed to prep your home for cooler weather, and we’ll give you tips to make each job that much easier.

Fall Leaf Clean up

1. Rake Leaves

Autumn is arguably the most enjoyable season of the year: temperatures begin to cool off, the leaves begin to turn, and families can spend more time outside in the cool, comfortable weather. With leaves turning and the weather cooling though, you can expect to see your lawn covered with fallen leaves in a matter of days. We’ll help you get things cleared up quickly with these 6 Leaf Cleanup Tips.


Cleaning gutters

2. Clean Gutters

Along with researching how to make a crowd-pleasing spiced cider and the best time to buy holiday plane tickets, homeowners should research how to clean their gutters and ward off insects and other pests throughout the fall. To save you time, we’ve compiled a list of six autumn-savvy questions and answers about gutter maintenance designed to help you safeguard your property for fall and beyond. Learn more

Cleaning fire place

3. Clean Fireplace or Wood Stove

Fireplaces are great to relax by and read a book or just add a little extra warmth to your home, but it’s very important to keep them clean. First, yearly inspections are a must. Whether you get your fireplace or wood stove inspected by a professional or learn to do it yourself, make it a yearly occurrence! You’ll want to check if there is ash or creosote buildup, which is a common cause of fire incidents. Creosote remover is a great way to break down buildup and it makes chimney cleaning easier!

Smoke detector

4. Test Smoke Alarms

Working smoke alarms give you early warning so you can get outside quickly. Make sure to test your smoke alarms regularly to keep them in working order. Just follow these quick tips to keep your family safe:

    • Test your smoke alarm batteries once a month.
    • Replace batteries in battery-powered and hard-wired smoke alarms at least once a year.
    • Install smoke alarms in every bedroom and outside of all sleeping areas.
    • Smoke alarms should be on the ceiling or high on the wall.
    • Smoke alarms should be at least 10 feet from the stove.
    • Use interconnected smoke alarms, so that they all sound when one sounds.
    • Smoke alarms are available for people who are hearing impaired that use strobe flashing lights to warn of possible fire.

For more fire safety tips, visit: How to Prevent House Fires.

Testing sump pump

5. Test Sump Pump

Sump pumps are essential for protecting your home against water damage during heavy-rains and serious storms. Sump pumps remove any excess water in your basement, crawlspaces and around your foundation, and transport that water away from your home. It’s important to test your sump pump twice a year, before the spring and fall seasons, so that you can avoid flooding and make sure it’s ready for when you need it. Luckily, testing your sump pump is easy and only takes a few minutes. Learn more.

Power Wash Deck

6. Seal Outdoor Surfaces

Cold temperatures, snow, and ice can all cause paint to peel, which leads to moisture setting in resulting in wood rot. To protect your exterior surfaces, like your wood deck or shutters, apply a stain or sealant. To help you, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide detailing exactly How to Apply Deck Stain for the best results.

Turn off faucets

7. Shut Off Exterior Faucets & Store Hoses

As temperatures start to cool, it’s best to shut off the water supply to all outdoor faucets and then drain the line by turning on the faucet again. This will allow any residual water to clear out of the pipes completely. Also, drain all hoses and store them inside if possible. If you have to store hoses outside during cooler months, try to find a shed or overhang to protect them.

Fall Street Colors

Just follow these seven steps, and you’ll have the outside of your home prepped for winter in no time! Just remember, cooler temperatures can come quickly so start preparations early. You don’t want to miss your chance to protect your home from harsh winter weather.

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