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  Areas largest Appliance Showroom! We have Finance options for the Appliance you need! We have many Appliances in stock to suit your needs and specifications, or we can assist […]

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  Areas largest Appliance Showroom! We have Finance options for the Appliance you need! We have many Appliances in stock to suit your needs and specifications, or we can assist […]

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  Areas largest Appliance Showroom! We have Finance options for the Appliance you need! We have many Appliances in stock to suit your needs and specifications, or we can assist […]

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Garage Organization Tips and Tricks

Garage Storage

Garage Storage Ideas

Does your garage need a makeover, so you can find things? Do you feel like you park your vehicle in a storage unit, or are you simply trying to get your parking space back? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this list of garage storage tricks is for you! Stay on budget and get organized to start the year off right.

garage storage

1. Use vertical space. Shelving units and ceiling mounts will open up a lot of space that you’re not currently using.

2. Maximize wall space. Peg boards or inexpensive wire shelving can free up countertops from clutter.

3. Get a free-standing storage unit. Brooms, rakes, and other long-handled tools can be kept upright in a tall, narrow unit.

4. Use painter’s tape. Mark out parking spaces for kid cars and toys, so they can help you keep the garage organized.

5. Use old cabinets. Keep things off the ground by adding more storage to your walls with inexpensive or old cabinets.

6.  Use every inch. Overhead storage is a great way to utilize unused space. Install a wire shelf along the top of your wall, so you can place plastic storage bins up and out of the way. It’s perfect for holiday items that are only used once a year.

7.  Organize with magnets. A magnetic knife holder can double as a screwdriver holder for your garage!

8. Contain loose screws and nails. Use old jars to keep small hardware organized.

9. Hampers are not just for clothes. Collect basketballs, soccer balls, footballs and more with pop-up laundry hampers.

10. Use PVC pipes. Garden tools getting in the way? Hang PVC pipes on the walls to securely store tools.



Companion Gardening:

What plants grow well together?

Companion Gardening: What plants grow well together?

Did you know that many plants will grow bigger and produce more if they are planted near other plants that they like? Companion gardening is the idea that many plants will help each other when planted nearby one another. It is a tried and true way to garden that has proven beneficial for both plants. With just a few simple tips, you’ll be able to introduce companion gardening in your own backyard!

Mix Up Your Plant Combinations


Having a proper plan for the garden is crucial to making sure that friendly plants get the chance to be planted together. Planting flowers among your vegetables can help in deterring pests from harming all of your vegetables before you can harvest. Mixing up where you put things makes it harder for pests to find all of your tomatoes if they aren’t all together in a group. Flower scents and colors also confuse pests and can keep your garden from getting totally destroyed overnight.

Beware of Bully Plants


Think of your garden as a small city: there will be some upstanding citizens who help everyone, there will be some that don’t do much for anyone else, and then there will be some that will purposely bully the rest of the group. Watch out for bullies in your garden that can take more than their fair share of soil nutrients, water, and sunlight. Vegetables like cucumbers tend to take up a lot of extra space and are water hogs so plant them off in a patch by themselves or near vegetables that don’t need too much extra water. Other plants, like the black walnut tree, give off juglone that can stunt the growth of nearby plants and really affect the production of a garden.

Get to Know Three Sisters Planting

Know 3 Sisters Gardening

An age old and proven technique that was introduced by Native Americans is the idea of Three Sister Planting. This technique involves planting beans, squash, and corn all in the same area for maximum growth potential. The beans will naturally produce nitrogen in the soil for the corn while also using the corn stalk as climbing support. The squash, which is usually pumpkin, grows fast and has broad leaves that help shade the area from weed growth. These three plant varieties work together in order to grow well and each has its own unique addition to help the others.

Grow Plant Groups That Will Harvest Together

Basil and Tomatoes

Growing two plants together that normally are harvested at the same time is a great option in companion planting. Things like tomatoes and basil like the same conditions that include hot temperatures and lots of sun. They are also ready to pick at the same time too, meaning that they are frequently used together in many summer dishes. Check the back of seed packets to plant those varieties together that will benefit from being in the same spot in the garden as well as ready to eat around the same time.

Use Natural Diversity

Butterflies help with pollination.

There are many native plants in your garden that will help to attract beneficial species to the area. Choosing to plant milkweed around your garden will naturally attract monarch larvae to make your garden home. Help to support those baby monarchs once they emerge by having nectar-producing flowers nearby in order to encourage the butterflies to stick around for a while. Choosing native plants that are accustomed to the area and naturally diverse in supporting both parts of a pollinator’s life will benefit the entire garden in pollination and maximum harvest potential.

Companion gardening is an important aspect that every new and longtime gardener should be practicing in their garden. Consider choosing plants that work together to support helpful pollinators as well as those that enjoy the same growing conditions. Other factors to keep in mind while planting include mixing up flowers with vegetables as well as keeping bullies away from other plants. Follow these tips while introducing the many benefits of companionship in your own garden.

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