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Tech Services:

Computer Repair – Hardware, Malware & Virus Removal, Clean Ups

Data Transfer, Program & Printer Installation, etc.

On-site Repair Services Available for Home and Business

Remote Tech support Service

Technology Tuesdays – 9am – 3pm…Free 30 Minute Training Sessions



Remote Computer Repair

With Remote Computer Repair a technician can solve most technical problems related to your PC and laptop without visiting your home or business. They diagnostic scan with the help of the most advanced technology to identify the error from here in our store!

We can help with issues such as:

  • system restoration
  • computer networking
  • wireless networking
  • disc recovery
  • system start-up problems
  • speeding up slow computers
  • connecting computers with peripherals
  • malware removal
  • memory problem
  • device connections
  • printer driver update or repair
  • optimization solving OS issues



This is an example of what is will look like once we have your

permission to “remote in” and get started diagnosing your computer issue!